The innovative bisphasic and monophasic ALAYNA  hyaluronic acid gels give you the option to individually treat your patients with a comprehensive therapy concept  and to achieve long-lasting, visible resultes. You can choose among 7 different fillers in different  concentratiuons for the treatment of fine, moderate as well deep wrinkles, from lip augmentation to facial  contouring and scar teatment, which perfectly complement  each other.


Further the monophasic, unlinked ALAYNA Hydro is optimally suited for revitalization of face, neck, cleavage and hands as well as for the so-called mesotherapy.


All ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels are exclusively made of high purified hyaluronic  acid, which is obtained through biofermentation and is free from animal components.


As CE and GMP certified sterile medical devices all ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels comply with the highest German and international quality requirements and ensure absolute sterility as well as the absence of endotoxins and protein.


Based on the option to choose the produkt which suits your patients best from a series of different products ALAYNA offers you  an optimal and future-oriented therapy concept.


The innovative manufacturing method of the ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels is based on more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of sterile hyaluronic acid gels for use in ophthalmic surgery and is characterized by very Special properties:

  • highly purified hyaluronic acid
  • easy injectability disregarding high structural viscosity
  • homogenous Distribution in the skin
  • excellent flow characteristics

In addition, all ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels offer the complete range of benefits of a sophisticated hyaluronic acid Treatment:

  • fully degradable
  • free of animal components
  • no undisired long-term effects
  • excellent biocompatibility, clinical proven
  • no allergy test required
  • ensured highest quality


All ALAYNA products are being developed and manufactured in GERMANY.