ALAYNA SG24 Distinct, 1ml + 2x 1ml



·         moderate to deep wrinkles

·         correction of facial unevenness

·         volumization of facial defects

·         deeper scars

·         nose bridge corrections

·         cheek augmentation




ALAYNA SG24 Distinct is a monophasic, fully hydrated gel, an efficient volumizer with excellent biocompatibility. ALAYNA SG24 Distinct is optimally suited for the filling of deep folds, for scar correction and modeling of the fiacial contours. Skin unevenness, e.g. acne scars, is smoothed out, nasolabial folds and marionette lines are visbly lifted. This gel is also very well suitable for a long-lasting hand augmentation, which is best performed using a blunt cannula in these cases.


Also for cheek augmentation a blunt cannula is recommended. ALAYNA SG24 Distinct is injected into the medium to deep Skin layer. The results achieved with ALAYNA SG24 Distinct are long-lasting.


Cannula size: 27 G