ALAYNA M24 Shape, 1ml + 2ml



·         moderate to deep wrinkles

-       nasolabial

-       marionette

-       chin

-       perioral

·         acne scars

·         volume augmentation for nose bridge




ALAYNA M24 Shape is a stronger, homogenous monophasic gel which allows a stronger volume augmentation and is siutable for moderate to deep wrinkles. This filler is ideal for the correction of facial defects, such as scars and for cheek and chin augmentations. For an augmentation covering a large area, e.g. in cheek augmentation, the use of a blunt cannula is recommended. When being used for lip augmentation, a stronger effect is achieved than that with ALAYNA M16 Medium. ALAYNA M24 Shape is not suitable for injection into the glabella and forehead.

The viscoelastic profile of this gel permits an easy, resistance-free injection; the injection is followed by a secondary strong volume increase in the tissue (thixotropic behavior). Augmentation of the nose bridge requires a deep injectionand underdosage, since the full volume is only reached after about a week. Generally it is recommendable to first aim at an underdosage and to make a touch-up treatment after 14 days, for example with the lighter product  ALAYNA M16 Medium or ALAYNA Hydro. The result is an optimal longlasting effect.

ALAYNA M24 Shape is injected into middle to deep dermis.

Cannula size: 27 G