ALAYNA Hydro, 1ml + 2ml



·         mesotherapie

·         rejuvination, biorevitaliszation und hydratiion of

- face

- neck

- cleavage

- hands

- touch up after ALAYNA filler injections


Mesotherapy is unterstood to be the treatment of a large skin area with linear hyaluronic acid whose structure and effect ist identical to that of the Body own hyaluronic acid and in this way compensates the transepidermal moisture loss of the skin. The Skin looks fresh, youthful and firm again and appears elastic and supple ("rejuvination"). ALAYNA Hydro is injected super ficially into the upper dermis. The product distributes quickley, tereby smoothing out fine wrinkles. ALAYNA Hydro is suitable for a very sucessful treatment of the face and also for the neck, cleavage and hands. An injection into the lips also has a wrinkle reducing effect, whereas the volume and the structure of the lips remain unchanged.


ALAYNA Hydro can either be injected using a 32 G cannula or in an uncomplicated and time-saving manner with a gun, which allows quick and even especially in the cleavage area. The best result is achived with tree applications in two-week intervals. Subsequently, the effect lasts for two to three months.