ALAYNA HE 24 (highly effective)

In addition to the monophasic ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels a HE (highly effective) product is available for experienced users. This gel was especially developed for experienced users and requires a spectial injection technique.


The effect of this bisphasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel which consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles in a linear hyaluronic acid gel is considerably prolonged. The patient should be informed in detail prior to treatment, especially of the potential stronger swelling within the first 3 days.


The ALAYNA HE product is also excellently suitable for scar Treatment and facial contouring. Due to the specific galenics only about one third of substance is needed to achieve a good result compared to other preperations in the market.


The biphasic ALAYNA gel is easy to inject regardless of its high structural viscosity, whereas the volume effect quickly returns in the skin, so that especially the wrinkle filling effect occurs directly after injection of the gel.


Compared to other tissue fillers on hyaluronic acid basis the innovative CEIP technology further permits the use of considerably lower concentrations while ensuring a strong volumizing and long-lasting effect at the same time. Due to the special texture of the biphasic ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gel the filler material must be injected deeper than the monophasic ALAYNA hyaluronic acid gels and other hyaluronic acid products in the market.


Depending on the individual conditions in the patient the biphasic ALAYNA gel remains effective in the skin for up to 18 months.


The ALAYNA HE product offers the user a long-lasting effect after an application of only little material